Lisa Ketty is a Danish digital artist based in Denmark. After studying 3D arts at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark in 2011, she has been working in the VFX industry as a freelance Digital Matte Painter.

In addition to her industry work, she continues to create her own artwork, graphic design, and experiments with analog techniques such as linoleum printing, watercolor painting, and cardboard art. Lisa draws inspiration from the vintage color palette and the clean lines of Bauhaus design, as well as the beauty of nature and everyday life.

Art By Lisa Ketty

Handmade artwork & Digital art

I explore analog and digital artwork, ranging from watercolours to linoleum prints, pen, and colour pen artwork. You can find it all in my shop, you can find it in the top under "Analog"

Art By Lisa Ketty

Linoleum on Cardboard

I'm playing around with linoleum on cardboard, cutting the artwork so it extends out of the frame.

  • For The Kids Room

    Transform Your Child's Room with My Enchanting Posters! Dive into a World of Space and the Universe, or Brighten the Space with Joyful, Smiling Fruits. Shop Now for an Imaginative Makeover!

  • Marguerite Eco Tote Bag

    Tote Bags

    Tote Bags in the shop.

  • Postcards

    Find my postcard collection here, everything from space to foodie postcards. Explore here.

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