Retailers For HiPosterShop

Where else can you find my posters?

Discover my vibrant poster designs at some amazing retailers who believe in the power of art just as much as I do. My artwork spans a range of themes and styles, offering something to suit everyone's taste. While I would truly appreciate your support for my small poster business, HiPosterShop, I also want to provide you with other options to shop for my artwork.

HiPosterShop home


HiPosterShop Home



KRÆSS If you're in Copenhagen, I invite you to visit Kræss, a wonderful store that immerses you in the local art scene. You can find a selection of my posters there, adding a unique touch of creativity and character to your space while supporting the local art community.

POSTERS & FRAME For online shopping convenience, check out Posters & Frame, where you'll find a wide selection of prints, including some of my artwork. They offer a diverse range of options to suit various styles and tastes.

POSTERLOUNGE Another fantastic online destination to explore is Posterlounge. They curate exceptional pieces from various artists, including my posters. It's a platform where art lovers can discover and appreciate unique designs.



While it's possible to find my posters in these shops, supporting my small business, HiPosterShop, means the world to me. Your support directly fuels my passion for creating art and enables me to continue sharing my designs with the world.


Thank you for considering my posters and supporting the art community. Together, we can bring joy, inspiration, and a personal touch to your space!


Much Love,

Lisa Ketty