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Meet Lisa Ketty, creative artist and founder of HiPosterShop, a digital platform that showcases her unique blend of vintage charm and contemporary sharpness in poster designs. Lisa's journey in the creative industry began with her education in Computer Graphics (CGA) from the Animation Workshop at VIA University College, Viborg. Her expertise in digital matte painting and digital graphic drawing, honed through her work with prestigious visual effects studios like Ghost VFX, Space Office VFX, and The Mill, is evident in her art.


About Lisa Ketty from HiPosterShop.



Before launching HiPosterShop, Lisa worked as a freelance matte painter in the film industry. Her proficiency in various creative software suites, including Adobe and Unreal Engine, is a testament to her technical skills. However, Lisa's talents extend beyond art and technology. She is also self-taught in E-commerce and SEO, skills that have been instrumental in establishing and managing HiPosterShop.

At HiPosterShop, Lisa's artistry comes to life in a diverse range of posters inspired by art movements like Bauhaus, minimalism, space, and botanic art. Her work is not just about aesthetics; it's about transforming spaces. As she guides her audience on how to use posters for room decoration, she empowers them to create their own unique environments. Similarly, her collections offer a range of designs that can transform workspaces into hubs of creativity and inspiration.


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Lisa's journey, her art, and her entrepreneurial spirit are a testament to her dedication and passion. Through HiPosterShop, she continues to inspire and transform spaces one poster at a time.