Artist Lisa Ketty


HiPosterShop is a Scandinavian poster webshop that was established at the end of 2020.
The designer behind the works is Lisa Ketty, who is a graphic designer from The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Lisa Ketty finds inspiration for her works in the Bauhaus style, and with her minimalist style and use of retro-like colors she gives the works a charming vintage expression, which is combined with a sharp style.




let's dive into the world of Lisa Ketty, the creative mind behind HiPosterShop. Lisa is not just an artist; she's a storyteller who uses her graphic design skills to narrate tales of beauty, simplicity, and nostalgia.


Lisa Ketty is the founder at HiPosterShop.


Her journey began in the quaint city of Viborg, where she honed her skills at The Animation Workshop. Today, her art is a delightful blend of Bauhaus-inspired minimalism and retro-like colors, a style that has become her signature.


Lisas home with her wall with some of her posters


Her dream is to open a small, physical shop filled with her posters, a place that's as bright and colorful as her art. She imagines it to be a haven for art lovers, a space where people can connect with her work on a personal level.



Her art is not confined to a single form. At HiPosterShop, you can find a diverse range of posters, including framed prints and art prints. Some of her notable works include the "Yellow Monster", the "White Block", and the "Vase". Each piece tells a unique story, a story that adds a touch of charm to any space it adorns.


Some pencil drawings she makes, before drawing them digitally.

making of one of HiPosterShop´s prints


Lisa's art is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a connection with the viewer. She believes that art should evoke emotions, spark conversations, and inspire people. This belief is evident in her blog, "The Journal", where she shares her thoughts on wall decor, poster art, and more.

Lisa's journey as an artist is a testament to her passion for art and her commitment to her craft. She's not just creating art; she's creating a world that's as vibrant, dynamic, and captivating as her designs.




You can follow Lisa's journey on her ArtStation, Instagram, LinkedIn, IMDb, and Facebook pages. Each platform offers a unique glimpse into her world, her inspirations, and her art.

So, step into the world of Lisa Ketty, explore her art, and let her stories captivate you.