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Lisa Ketty: The Artistic Soul of HiPosterShop

Background & Education: Step into the vibrant world of Lisa Ketty, the visionary artist and founder of HiPosterShop. Lisa's poster designs, characterized by a harmonious blend of vintage allure and modern precision, are a testament to her diverse artistic skills. Her academic journey in Computer Graphics (CGA) from the Animation Workshop at VIA University College, Viborg, set the stage for her flourishing career.


 Lisa Ketty is the founder at HiPosterShop.


Mastery in Traditional Art Forms: Beyond her digital expertise, Lisa possesses a deep-rooted passion for traditional art forms. Her linoleum prints, crafted with meticulous hand-carving techniques, exude a tactile charm that's both rustic and contemporary. On the other hand, her watercolor prints showcase her ability to play with fluidity, capturing ephemeral beauty with every brushstroke. These two mediums, though contrasting, highlight Lisa's versatility and her commitment to preserving traditional artistry in a digital age.



Industry Experience: Lisa honed her skills in digital matte painting and graphic drawing during her collaborations with renowned visual effects studios such as Ghost VFX, Space Office VFX, and The Mill. Before HiPosterShop's inception, she showcased her expertise as a freelance matte painter in the film realm, mastering creative software suites like Adobe and Unreal Engine.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Lisa's brilliance extends beyond the canvas. As a self-taught expert in E-commerce and SEO, she's woven her artistic and entrepreneurial threads to craft the tapestry of HiPosterShop.



Artistic Vision: At HiPosterShop, Lisa's inspirations come alive, drawing from art movements like Bauhaus, minimalism, and botanic art. Her creations are more than just visual delights; they're transformative experiences. Guiding enthusiasts on the art of room decoration with posters, Lisa empowers individuals to design spaces that echo their personalities. Her diverse collections promise to turn any workspace into a beacon of creativity and inspiration.


hipostershop pink month with oval poster


A Legacy of Passion: With every linoleum cut and watercolor stroke, Lisa's dedication and artistry shine through. As she charts her path, she remains devoted to beautifying and inspiring spaces, one poster at a time.

Space posters

Moon framed matte paper poster | HiPosterShop
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Space Posters

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