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The Artistry Behind Watercolor Greeting Cards at HiPosterShop


At the heart of HiPosterShop lies the creative genius of Lisa Ketty, an artist whose journey intertwines vintage allure with modern flair. Dive into the world of her newest creation: the Watercolor greeting cards collection.

Journey into the World of Art

Lisa's tryst with art began at the Animation Workshop at VIA University College, Viborg, where she mastered Computer Graphics. Her canvas extended beyond academia, gracing visual effect studios like Ghost VFX, Space Office VFX, and The Mill. But HiPosterShop is where her expertise in digital matte painting and graphic drawing truly blooms, transforming from digital canvases to tangible posters and greeting cards.

Inspiration Behind the Watercolor Collection

Lisa's designs are a symphony of vintage charm and contemporary sharpness. The Watercolor greeting cards are no exception. From the first brushstroke to the final print, each card tells a story, capturing emotions in a cascade of colors. Delight in designs like the soothing Blue With Yellow Greeting Card or the Sorbet shaped greeting card, where you are able to see the front and back of what most cards are looking at. Some do have colours inside the text area.


Unique Elements of HiPosterShop's Greeting Cards

HiPosterShop's greeting cards are not just artworks; they're experiences. Choose from three distinct sizes, each meticulously designed by Lisa to offer ample space for heartfelt messages. Whether you're drawn to the European A5 or the uniquely dimensioned 5" x 7", there's a canvas waiting for your words. Here is an example of a card with colours inside of it and is one of my more graphic versions of cards.




Lisa Ketty's passion is evident in every corner of HiPosterShop. Her dedication to art, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her mission to beautify spaces shine brightly. Explore the Watercolor greeting card collection and other offerings, and let your space echo with the artistry of Lisa Ketty.

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