The Science Behind Lisa Ketty's Art

The Science Behind Lisa Ketty's Art

Hello art enthusiasts! I'm Lisa Ketty, the sole creator behind HiPosterShop. Ever wondered about the science that fuels my art? Let's dive in!

The Fusion of Art and Science

Art isn't just about aesthetics. It's a blend of creativity, emotion, and often, science. My posters, whether it's the Enter the Dream Poster or the vibrant Sushi Poster, are all backed by a deep understanding of color theory, geometry, and visual perception.


enter the dream from HiPosterShop


List of Key Elements in My Art:

  1. Color Theory: The right colors evoke the right emotions.
  2. Geometry: Shapes and lines bring structure and balance.
  3. Visual Perception: Ensuring the art is pleasing and captivating to the eye.

The Inspiration Behind the Creations

Every piece I create has a story. For instance, the Lava No.1 Poster was inspired by the fluid dynamics of molten rock. But when I look up to the skies, my Solar System Poster and the LIGHT IN THE NIGHT SKY Poster are testaments to the vastness of our universe.


Poster Name Inspiration Source
Lava No.1 Fluid Dynamics
Solar System Vastness of Universe
Coffee Poster The intricacies of a morning brew

The Techniques I Employ

My art isn't just about slapping paint on a canvas. It's a meticulous process. From the minimalistic art to the intricate designs in the linoleum artwork, each requires a unique approach.

 List of Techniques:

  • Layering: Building depth and dimension.
  • Digital Enhancement: Perfecting each piece for print.
  • Hand-drawn Elements: Adding a personal touch.

Wrapping Up

Art is a journey, and I'm thrilled to have you all be a part of mine. From understanding the science to appreciating the aesthetics, every poster at HiPosterShop is a piece of my soul. Explore my collections and find the perfect piece that resonates with you.

Remember, art is not just what you see, but what it makes you feel. Dive deep, explore, and let's celebrate the fusion of science and art together!

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