Giclee Prints and Framing: Glass or No Glass?

Giclee Prints and Framing

Hello, I'm Lisa Ketty from HiPosterShop, and today I'm exploring the beautiful world of Giclee prints. As an art enthusiast, I know how important it is to present these prints in the best way possible.

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Do Giclee Prints Need to Be Framed with Glass?

While glass framing is traditional, it's not always necessary. Glass offers protection against dust and fading, but for certain artworks like my unframed prints, going glass-free can enhance their natural beauty.

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Can You Frame Art Without Glass?

Definitely! Framing without glass brings out a raw, tactile feel, especially suitable for textured prints where the material's natural beauty is a focal point.

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The Charm of Giclee Prints

Giclee prints are known for their high-quality inkjet printing, using long-lasting archival inks for more accurate color reproduction, compared to standard prints. This makes them a favorite among art lovers.

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Texture in Giclee Prints

Giclee prints can indeed have texture, especially when printed on textured paper. This adds an extra dimension, making them feel closer to original art pieces.

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Alternatives to Glass in Framing

  • Acrylic: A lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative.
  • Non-glare glass: Helps reduce reflections and glare.
  • No cover: Embracing the print's raw beauty.
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Framing: To Be or Not to Be?

Framing is a personal choice. Some art, like my linoleum artwork, can stand out in its unframed glory, offering a modern, laid-back vibe.

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Canvas Prints and Glass

Typically, canvas prints are best displayed without glass to showcase their texture and depth.

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Creative Display of Art Prints Without Frames

  • Washi tape: A wall-safe method for a casual look.
  • Clipboards: Quirky and easily changeable.
  • String and clips: For a dynamic and creative display.
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In the world of art prints, especially Giclee, there are endless possibilities in how you choose to display them. Whether framed with glass, using an alternative, or going frameless, each choice adds a unique touch to your space. For more inspiration, have a look at my bedroom wall art collection.

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