Behind the Scenes with Lisa Ketty Jørgensen

Behind the Scenes with Lisa Ketty Jørgensen

Lisa Ketty Jørgensen: Master of Posters

Hello, I'm Lisa Ketty Jørgensen, the heart and soul behind HiPosterShop. From my cozy studio, I craft graphic and analog posters that are anything but ordinary. Each piece is a journey, a story waiting to unfold on your walls. Let me take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of my creative process.

Key Takeaways
Image Description Link
Color Code Yellow Poster Explore the vibrant Color Code Yellow, a testament to the power of bright hues. Discover More
Isometric Waves Poster Dive into the geometric marvel of Isometric Waves, where art meets precision. Discover More
Meltdown Poster Feel the dynamic energy of Meltdown, where chaos and beauty collide. Discover More

My Journey

Art has always been my language, a way to express the unseen, the felt, but not always spoken. HiPosterShop began as a dream, a canvas for my creative outpouring, influenced by the world around me and the vibrant tapestry of life's emotions.

Inspirations and Musings

Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places - a fleeting sunset, the stark beauty of a geometric pattern, or the raw emotion in a piece of music. These moments fuel my creativity, pushing me to explore and express through the medium of posters.

The Creative Process

Every poster starts with a spark - an idea that demands to be brought to life. From there, it's a dance of sketching, digital experimentation, and sometimes, serendipitous accidents that lead to the final design. It's a process that is both intensely personal and incredibly rewarding.


Unique Creations

Each poster I create is a piece of me, a narrative woven into the fabric of paper and ink. From the serene to the chaotic, my work spans a wide array of themes, all aimed at invoking emotion and thought in those who view them.

Connecting with You

My greatest joy comes from knowing my art has found a place in your heart and home. Every poster shipped out is a part of my dream reaching out into the world, seeking to inspire, comfort, or provoke thought. It's not just art; it's a connection, a dialogue between creator and collector.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope my posters add a touch of beauty, intrigue, and inspiration to your spaces. Explore HiPosterShop to discover more and bring a piece of my world into yours.

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