Biography For Lisa Ketty from HiPosterShop

I was born in 1983 in the charming town of Ølstykke, Denmark, and grew up in a cozy little corner of Europe. Currently, I live in a delightful flat in Holte with my family, where I find inspiration in the simple joys of everyday life.




I studied digital arts at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, where I earned my BA in 2011. Since then, I've been working as a freelance 2D digital matte painter in the VFX industry, but my true passion lies in creating my own art. When I'm not working part-time at a local art shop selling poster art, you can find me in my living room studio, pouring my heart and soul into my latest creations.


Here is a picture of my workstation in the corner of the living room. 


Many of my motifs are inspired by the iconic Bauhaus style, as well as photographs, shapes, forms, vintage artworks, and sculpture art. I find beauty in the trivial, and I could discover the perfect subject for my next piece in a simple garden chair or a quirky rubbish bin. My aim is to reduce everything in my art to simple, yet striking, areas, often employing beautiful pastel colors and combining them in different layers. Sometimes, I experiment with special papers featuring unique textures or extraordinary colors to add depth and character to my work.


Me creating a new digital artwork...



The result is a collection of minimalist art that reflects the nostalgic banality of everyday life. I'm constantly exploring new mediums and techniques, dreaming of delving deeper into the world of handmade art, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, while continuing to create captivating graphic art pieces. My art is a celebration of the ordinary, inviting viewers to find beauty and inspiration in the world around them.


I also create analog artwork you can find in the shop. Created in the living room at the dinner table :D (Coming soon)!

Or pen artwork!

Cardboard Art.

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