Transform Your Space with Unique Bauhaus-Inspired Posters from HiPosterShop

Transform Your Space with Unique Bauhaus-Inspired Posters from HiPosterShop

Hello there! I'm Lisa Ketty, the sole creator and curator of HiPosterShop. I'm thrilled to share with you the unique world of Bauhaus-inspired posters that I've created. Each piece is designed to transform your space and add a touch of charm and personality.

The Range of Art Prints

At HiPosterShop, I've curated a wide variety of art prints to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. My collections include Minimalistic Prints, Botanical Prints, Office Prints, Nursery Prints, Space Prints, Linoleum Art, Photography, and Kitchen Prints. Each category boasts popular prints that have been loved by my customers.

Clean shapes and colours at HiPosterShop

Customization and Size Options

I understand that each space is unique, and so I offer customization options for my prints. You can choose the size of the print that fits your space perfectly. My available sizes range from 21X30 cm to 70x100 cm, ensuring there's something for every wall.



Quality Frames for Enhanced Display

Framing your art prints can enhance their look and ensure they blend seamlessly with your decor. At HiPosterShop, I offer various frame styles including Oak, Black, White, and Brown frames. I provide tips on choosing the right frame color and style to complement your chosen art print.


Frames from HiPosterShop


Framing Guides and Gallery Wall Ideas

I believe in empowering my customers with the knowledge to create stunning displays. My framing guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to frame art prints. I also offer tips on hanging prints and creating a gallery wall. My inspirational ideas for arranging and displaying art prints can help you transform any space.

Worldwide Shipping and Customer Support

At HiPosterShop, I am committed to delivering your chosen art prints right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. My shipping is available worldwide and takes 7-14 days. I also have a dedicated customer support team ready to answer any queries you may have.


HiPosterShop is your go-to destination for unique Bauhaus-inspired posters. My wide range of art prints and frames, customization options, and helpful guides make decorating your space a breeze. Visit HiPosterShop today and start transforming your spaces with my art prints.

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