Master the Art of Framing and Preservation with HiPosterShop's Custom Frames

Master the Art of Framing and Preservation with HiPosterShop's Custom Frames

Framing and preserving your favorite art pieces is an essential part of maintaining their beauty and value. HiPosterShop, run by Lisa Ketty, offers you not only a wide variety of stylish frames but also expert tips on framing and preserving your art like a pro. Visit to explore my collection and learn the secrets of art preservation.

Oak frame from HiPosterShop


1. Choosing the Perfect Frame

Finding the right frame for your artwork is crucial in enhancing its aesthetic appeal. HiPosterShop provides a diverse selection of custom Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Posters that cater to all tastes and preferences. Consider the following factors when selecting your frame:

  • Style: Match the frame style with the art and your home's interior design. HiPosterShop offers sleek and stylish frames in various sizes, perfect for any artwork.
  • Size: Ensure that the frame is the appropriate size for the artwork. HiPosterShop's Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Posters come in different sizes, ranging from 20x25 cm to 61x91 cm.
  • Material: Choose from high-quality materials like semi-hardwood Alder frames, available in black, Oak or white, with a 1.9 cm thickness.


White frame from HiPosterShop

2. Protecting Your Art from Damage

Protect your artwork from harmful elements by following these simple steps:

  • Use acid-free matting: HiPosterShop's Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Posters feature acid-free PH-neutral, archival paper, preventing your artwork from yellowing and deteriorating over time.
  • Opt for UV-filtering glass: HiPosterShop's framed posters come with Acrylite front protector, which is shatter-resistant and protects your art from fading due to sunlight exposure.
  • Keep your art away from direct sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures: These factors can cause damage to your precious pieces.


Black frame from HiPosterShop

3. Proper Art Preservation Techniques

To ensure your art remains in top condition, follow these expert preservation tips:

  • Regularly clean your framed artwork: Gently wipe the frame and Acrylite front protector with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris, ensuring your art stays looking pristine.


3 frames from HiPosterShop


Visit to discover our stunning collection of Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Posters and give your precious art pieces the protection and display they deserve.

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