Discover HiPosterShop: Your Premier Poster Shop in Denmark

Discover HiPosterShop: Your Premiere Poster Shop in Denmark

Welcome to HiPosterShop, a hidden gem amidst Denmark's poster shops. I'm Lisa Ketty, the artist behind these creations, and I'm thrilled to take you on a journey through the vivid and imaginative world of HiPosterShop.

As a one-woman show, I am the heart and soul of HiPosterShop. I manage all aspects of the business, from creating the artwork to running the online store. I wrote about my experiences in a blog post titled "The One Person Show Behind the Colourful Posters".


welcome to HiPosterShop


My Passion for Posters

From a young age, I've always been fascinated by how a simple piece of paper can capture an entire world. This passion led me to create HiPosterShop, where I offer a wide array of posters, from the tranquility of space and the universe to the vibrant colors of minimalistic art.




Unleashing Creativity

In my world, creativity is the driving force. I believe everyone has an innate ability to create, and through my artwork, I strive to inspire others to unleash their creativity. You can read more about this in the blog post "Unleash Your Creativity: 7 Proven Techniques to Boost Your Art Skills".


Discover My Latest Art


My Collections

At HiPosterShop, I offer a diverse range of collections, each with a unique theme. From nursery posters to posters for the office, there's something for everyone.

  1. Unframed Art Prints
  2. Foodie Poster
  3. Framed Prints
  4. Linoleum Artwork
  5. Art of Flowers
  6. Bedroom Art Prints

My Bestsellers

Of course, I can't forget to mention the fan favorites - HiPosterShop's Bestsellers. These are the pieces that have resonated the most with my customers.



Gift Cards

Looking for a perfect gift? Why not give the gift of art with a HiPosterShop Gift Card? It's an ideal present for art lovers and those with a keen eye for design.


My gift card from HiPosterShop


Keep Up With the News

To stay informed about new releases and read fascinating articles on art and design, make sure to visit the News section on my website.




I regularly post updates and interesting tidbits about the world of art and design, so there's always something new to learn or discover. Join my community of art enthusiasts and stay in the loop with all things HiPosterShop!

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