Best Poster Shop in Denmark: A Guide to HiPosterShop

Best Poster Shop in Denmark: A Guide to HiPosterShop

Hi there, I'm Lisa Ketty, the founder and the creative force behind HiPosterShop. Today, I'll be answering some common questions related to my journey and my passion for poster design.

The Journey of HiPosterShop

As an independent graphic artist, I've always had a deep appreciation for the intricate beauty of poster art. I've spent years honing my craft, creating a variety of unique and visually striking designs. You might be wondering, where is the best place to buy posters? The answer is simple: HiPosterShop. I've dedicated myself to providing an online space where fellow poster enthusiasts can find a wide range of art prints, from minimalistic art to space and universe-themed prints.


Living room home decor with all HiPosterShop´s Posters


Best Shopping Street in Copenhagen

If you're asking about the best shopping street in Copenhagen, my answer would be Strøget. It's one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe filled with a variety of shops. But remember, you can always shop online for unique graphic posters at HiPosterShop.




The Most Sold Poster

The Enter The Dream poster is the most sold piece on HiPosterShop. Its vibrant color palette and dream-like aesthetic have been loved by many of my customers.


Enter the dream poster by HiPosterShop, Lisa Ketty


Best Quality for Posters

The quality of a poster is determined by several factors such as the paper and the printing method used. At HiPosterShop, we use Giclée fine art printing for our posters, ensuring longevity and superior color accuracy. Learn more about it in my journal post.




The Most Famous Poster

The most famous poster? That's subjective, as each person has their own favorite. However, my Sushi Poster has gained considerable attention due to its playful design and vibrant colors.




The Best Poster Designer

Well, I wouldn’t dare to claim that title for myself, but as the sole designer for HiPosterShop, I am proud to provide a diverse collection of designs that cater to different tastes.




Wrapping Up

I hope this article gave you some insights into my journey and my passion for poster design. If you're a poster enthusiast or looking for the perfect piece to complete your space, browse through my collections and find the perfect piece for you. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Happy shopping!

Lisa Ketty, Founder, HiPosterShop

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